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STC Toronto to Launch the Revamped Job Bank Site

By STC Toronto Council STC Toronto are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the newest iteration of our Job Bank! We’ve been working on it for several months and we are now working on final preparations for our launch. We’ve redesigned it from the ground up and built it on WordPress to take advantage of all the…

Meet Kay Kazmi — the New Vice President of STC Toronto Chapter

Kay is an accomplished technical communicator with over 12 years’ experience documenting hundreds of technical processes, training others to duplicate results, and helping beginners find their bearings in the world of technical communication. Kay fell in love with technical communication, as it combines her twin passions –English language and Technology. Currently, Kay is a Content…

Understanding Microcontent and Its Effects on Technical Writing

By Craig Dodman The term microcontent originates from usability advisor Jakob Neilson, as he coined it in an article in 1998 (Neilsen & Loranger, Microcontent: How to Write Headlines, Page Titles, and Subject Lines). The term has been adopted by many fields including technical writing, marketing, and UX/UI. The following article will explore the topic,…

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