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The Utility of Style Guides

By Craig Dodman What is a Style Guide? Style guides are a widely used reference document that contains rules and recommendations for writing content. Style guides will feature specifications for the formatting of titles, lists, and tables,the language or version of English should be used,the unit of measurements used,legal requirements,the phraseology for any notices of…

Review of “Automated Transcription” by Bokhove and Downey

By A. V. Howland Introduction As a freelance transcriptionist, there’s nothing that delights me more than when a job comes in and it’s already half-complete. It’s easy to tell when a previous worker has been using voice-to-text software to do their job for them. The malapropisms and lack of division between speakers are a dead…

DITA Information Types

By Tommy Nicolls DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is a versatile and widely used standard for content creation that is usually implemented using an XML editor. It is a structured authoring standard, or framework, that separates content and format. One of the major characteristics of DITA is that the smallest unit of content is a…

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