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Being Flexible and Adaptable in a Changing Marketplace – by Caroline Watt, former STC president

Event type: Virtual
Date and time: September 27 2020, 2:00 PM -3:00 PM EDT

Technology, the workplace and you – former STC Toronto president, Carolyn Watt, will speak about how to adapt to a changing marketplace.

How has technology and the workplace evolved, and what can you do about it? The current marketplace is faster and more intense than previous generations have experienced.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about how to have the right mindset and approach to adapt to this ever changing marketplace.

Speaker Bio

Carolyn Watt has spent her entire career helping businesses and individuals communicate effectively so they can do business better. Working across Canada, in California, and in The Netherlands, in a variety of industries, Carolyn calls herself a chameleon – easily able to adapt to any situation and fit right in. She believes that experiences and processes are inextricably linked and that communication is at the heart of making everything tick. Carolyn had a writing company for 20 years and has been on her own now for the last 14 years…assembling teams if that’s the solution for a project, or being the contractor herself. Yes, flexible that way.

A former Toronto Chapter STC president for two terms, she also served in every role on the board (well maybe not treasurer – not a numbers gal.) She was the Assistant to the President for Professional Development for STC International. Over the years, she’s been a speaker at local and regional events as well as the STC annual conferences. She’s served as a judge at local, regional, and international level competitions. And she’s won awards at the competition although she only entered once with 7 pieces and won 5 awards, with one of them being the prestigious Best of Show. She’s taught writing and, you guessed it, she’s one of those who still write full sentences with punctuation in a text message.

She follows two guiding principles –

The first a quote from a management consultant Pritchert Price…

Communication is the oxygen of change.

And from Robert Louis Stevenson…

Don’t write merely to be understood, write so you cannot be misunderstood.

Carolyn’s tag line reflects her company initials, where CWA means Carolyn Watt & Associates and also stands for Clearly Written…Always.

STC Toronto Monthly Social – Online

Event type: Virtual
Date: Multiple Dates

Our STC Toronto monthly socials have been moved online! Connect with us online as we all practice social distancing.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we had to cancel our monthly brunch socials. We’d like to have a chance to connect with you (safely) online!

Make new friends and reconnect with old acquaintances. Spend the fourth Saturday morning of the month connecting and chatting with fellow technical communicators on Zoom.

STC Toronto is only possible with the support of our members and volunteers, We are growing, and we have many opportunities for you to join our family. We want to get to know you over brunch, and invite you to join us in helping fellow technical communicators in STC Toronto!

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STC Toronto – Brunch Social

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