Meet Kay Kazmi — the New Vice President of STC Toronto Chapter

Kay is an accomplished technical communicator with over 12 years’ experience documenting hundreds of technical processes, training others to duplicate results, and helping beginners find their bearings in the world of technical communication. Kay fell in love with technical communication, as it combines her twin passions –English language and Technology.

Currently, Kay is a Content Specialist at Precision Content Authoring Solutions Inc., a full-service solution provider to medium-and large-scale organizations around the globe seeking help to better understand and solve their content challenges. Before joining Precision Content, Kay led successful technical writing and training deliveries in several startups and multinational companies, across industries including software, finance, telecom, and healthcare. She also spent nearly a decade with IBM as a senior information developer, helping IBM’s clients solve their documentation and training challenges.

Kay’s personal style is to lead by example, always doing her best and encouraging others to do the same. She uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. She strongly believes that the best way to ensure the growth of the field of technical communication is for the community to help each other learn and grow. You can accomplish such knowledge sharing, only if you really connect with people and communicate your understanding to them.

While she enjoys a good Netflix binge, Kay also loves to unwind with a warm cup of coffee and a good book. On somedays, she can be found enjoying a quiet stroll with her husband in the parks and promenades of her neighborhood.

Kay earned her MA in English Literature from Christian College, Lucknow University.

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